R C Bhargava on IL&FS, Maruti boards; his son in capitalist national capital fund

While ADIA declined to inquire into the queries armored to its exponent, a supply processed that Aditya Bhargava is head of Bharat assets and has no involvement with nor

has any visibility on equity investments like these that ar subject to Chinese walls.

In transactions that raise a red flag over company governance standards, the sovereign wealth fund of the Emirate of national capitalnational capital Investment Authority (ADIA), raised its holding in
the crisis-ridden nondepository financial institution Infrastructure Leasing Services Ltd (IL&FS) and Maruti Suzuki Asian country restricted during times once R C Bhargava was on the boards of each MSIL and
IL&FS and his son Hindu deity Bhargava was used as investment manager with ADIA.

R C Bhargava chairs Maruti Suzuki board since 2007 and had been its director between 1985 and 1997.
He came as a director on Maruti Suzuki board in 2003 before taking on as its chairman.
He was a director on the board of IL&FS for over twenty five years till it had been outmoded on Gregorian calendar month one by a replacement board chaired by Uday Kotak that
is meant to kick-start the clean-up.
Aditya Bhargava joined ADIA in its headquarters workplace in July 2012 as Investment Manager, Asia Pacific, Real Estate and Infrastructure Department, responsible for investments in India.
A series of stock buy-sell transactions by ADIA in Maruti Suzuki and investment choices in IL&FS, as per official records, during the father-son duo’s roles in these companies, raise
questions of propriety and conflict of interest.

* ADIA that command eleven.22 per cent in IL&FS till March 2013 raised it to twelve.6 per cent now.
ADIA has been associate degree capitalist in IL&FS since 2006 and began with a twelve.5 per cent holding thatwas diluted over consequent six years.
However, ADIA raised it to twelve.5 per cent through a offer in 2014.
By virtue of its investment, ADIA had a campaigner director on the board of the corporate even before Hindu deity Bhargava joined it in 2012.
Sanjeev Doshi was ADIA’s campaigner director on the IL&FS board before it had been outmoded.

* ADIA’s holding in Maruti Suzuki failed to cross the one per cent mark till the quarter ending Sep 2015.
It, however, rose to 1.1 per cent within the quarter all over December 2015 and more went up to one.21 per cent within the quarter all over March 2016.
While ADIA pared its holding to one.03 per cent in December 2016, it considerably reduced its holding by the tip of the June 2017.
ADIA doesn't seem within the shareholders list since then as its holding reduced to but one per cent.

Incidentally, ADIA’s call to extend its holding in Maruti Suzuki between Gregorian calendar month 2015 and Sep2016 came at a time once Suzuki’s call to speculate in a very new Gujarat plant
on its own — as distinct from Maruti Suzuki finance in it – was within the method of obtaining approved by the board of Maruti Suzuki.

Maruti Suzuki board approved contract producing agreement for thirty years with Suzuki Motor Corporation in Gregorian calendar month 2015.
But this was resisted by the minority shareholders as well as mutual funds in Maruti Suzuki.
Hence Maruti Suzuki initiated the method of obtaining minority shareholders’ approval for the deal that it finally received in December 2015.

Between Gregorian calendar month 2015 and June 2017 (by once ADIA’s holding had born to but one per cent in Maruti Suzuki), the company’s stock rose from levels of around Rs
4,300 a share to Rs 7,400 a share.
When contacted, R C Bhargava aforesaid, “My son has invariably worked within the assets Division of ADIA, and is addressing Asian country in this sector solely.
He isn't the Investment manager in ADIA and is not within the Equities investment Division.
There is no conflict of interest.”
While ADIA declined to discuss the queries armoured to its voice, a supply processed that Aditya Bhargava is head of Republic of India realty and has no involvement with nor
has any visibility on equity investments like these that area unit subject to Chinese walls.

He more aforesaid that ADIA’s investment in IL&FS is housed among its equities department — not through assets which ADIA had its own board seat on IL&FS

during the amount in question thus had access to an equivalent data that RC Bhargava had access to.

However, whilst ADIA and RC Bhargava confirmed that Hindu deity Bhargava worked within the assets division of ADIA, Aditya’s LinkedIn profile says that he is working as a “senior

portfolio manager — realty and Infrastructure Department at ADIA, responsible for investments in India.”

At ADIA, he has additionally worked as Senior Investment Manager, Portfolio Manager, and Senior Portfolio Manager — all within the Asia Pacific team within the assets and Infrastructure Department.

Maruti Suzuki and Aditya Bhargava failed to answer specific queries.
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