Haryana: masjid in Palwal designed with Army of the Pure funds, says NIA

The Khulafa-e-Rashideen house of prayer at Uttawar village in Palwal was searched by NIA officers on Gregorian calendar month three, days once the agency inactive 3 men, as well as the Moslem of the house of prayer, Mohammed
Salman, in capital of India in Associate in Nursing alleged terror-funding case.

A place of worship in Palwal district of Haryana has come back below the scrutiny of security agencies when a National Investigation Agency (NIA) probe found that it had been allegedly engineered with funds from the Hafiz Saeed-led Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) in Pakistan.
The Khulafa-e-Rashideen musjid at Uttawar village in Palwal was searched by NIA officers on Oct three, days when the agency in remission 3 men, together with the leader of the musjid, Mohammed Salman, in Indian capital in associate degree alleged terror-funding case. 
While residents of Uttawar aforesaid the house of God is involved during a land dispute and were unaware of Salman’s links to the LeT, the NIA is questioning office bearers of the house of God and scrutinising the account books, details of donations and documents seized.

Salman (52), Mahound Carlos and Sajjad Abdul Wani were inactive on September twenty six for allegedly receiving terror funding from Lahore-based Falah-e-Insaniyat Foundation (FIF), Associate in Nursing organization originated by Hafiz Saeed’s Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD), Lashkar’s parent organisation. NIA investigations, sources aforesaid, have found that Salman allegedly funnelled FIF cash to create the house of God in Palwal.“Salman, who came in touch with LeT associated men when he was in Dubai, had been receiving funds from FIF.The organisation, we've learnt, gave him Rs seventy 100000 to create a house of God in Uttawar. It even gave him cash for the wedding of his daughters. We ar currently inquiring from wherever the place of worship has been receiving its donations and the way this cash is being employed,” an NIA officer said.
The officer aforesaid that Salman, who hails from Uttawar but has been living in Delhi since childhood, was among the largest contributors to a fund that was raised to build
the mosque. Sources aforementioned that residents of the village organized for over ten acres of land on its own whereas cashfor construction was given by Salman. The NIA alleged that this cash truly came from the FIF. “The village doesn't seem to remember of the supply of funds. They believe it's come back from Salman,” aforementioned another officer. After Salman’s arrest in Sep, the NIA, in an official statement said: “During investigation, it emerged that one Mohammad Salman…is in regular touch with one Dubai-based Pakistani national, who in turn is connected with the Deputy Chief of Falah-e-Insaniyat Foundation.

The suspect person has been receiving funds, being sent by FIF operators and his associates through banking industry operators.” 
According to the NIA, the FIF is a front-end organisation of “the LeT, a terror organisation proscribed under UAPA… FIF is placed on the list of terrorist organisations as per entry thirty three within the initial Schedule to the UAPA browse with interference and Suppression of act of terrorism (Implementation of Security Council Resolutions) Order 2016”. In the village of Uttawar, however, few buy the NIA story.

Most believe it's a results of a court battle between the villagers and a few families squatting on the place of worship land. “Because we tend to are attempting to evict them, it appears someone has given this wrong information to the police. No one within the village will believe such a issue. Salman comes from a awfully acknowledged family within the village
No one from his family has ever had a criminal case against them,” same Khalid Hussain. Hussain was gift at the place of worship once it had been searched and is that the son of former Uttawar Sarpanch, Akhtar Hussain. Salman’s relative Yaqub (77) conjointly vouches for his innocence. “In Islam, betraying the nation is a sin. Hafiz Saeed is a foreigner. A devout man like Salman would ne'er align with him,” he said.

The current leader of the place of worshipMohammad Jamshed, shows a ledger book that has entries of daily expenses.
“All you may realize here is associate degree account of onions, garlic and tomatoes. Our records are absolutely clean. We do not investigate the source of contributions. This place of worship has been engineered with contributions from tons of individualsWe don't apprehend wherever Salman got his cash from. But i'm not able to believe he would place prize here. If in any respect it's prize, I doubt if he knew that himself,” said Jamshed.

According to Uttawar residents, Salman’s late father, Maulvi Dawood, is well-regarded among Muslims in the Mewat region. He migrated to Old Delhi quite fifty years agone associate degreed was an leader of a big place of worship in Nizamuddin until his death. For Uttawar, he was an authority on Islam and had the final say in all disputes in the village.

He had imparted the same knowledge to his oldest son Salman.

“That is why once in 2009 the village earmarked ten acres for the place of worship and therefore the work began future year, Salman wasn't solely created the in-charge of
mosque construction and fund assortmenthowever conjointly its leader.

There was nobody else within the village higher suited to this thanks to his pedigree,” said Mohammed Saad, who runs the mosque Madarsa.

For the past eight years, according to villagers, Salman visited Uttawar regularly where he stayed in a small, spartan room near the mosque to oversee its construction.
The place of worship remains below construction and villagers ar looking forward to more cash to complete it. According to NIA, Salman was concerned in taxi and foodstuff businesses however had incurred losses. Later, he went to Saudi Arabia for Umrah. “He conjointly visited port a number of years back wherever he met few Pakistani nationals and thenceforthstarted obtaining funds through banking industry,” said an NIA officer.

The NIA Friday also raided a Kashmiri shawl shop in Lajpat Nagar and a house in connection with its probe into the case. It has recovered several “ incriminating documents” and Rs 18 lakh in cash apart from six mobile phones during the raids.

The premises belong to Hilal Ahmed Rather, United Nations agency hails from geographic areaIt is suspected that Hilal was running the shop as a front to launder FIF money, said NIA sources. Hilal’s name cropped up when Salman and Sajjad Wani, were questioned.
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